To log into and start your training course:

1)    Go to 

2)    Click the red button “LOGIN TO YOUR COURSE”.



3)    Enter your Username and Password you received in the “Online Training Login” email.

(recommend you copy and paste the info into the login text boxes)

4)    Press the “Login” button on the bottom.

5)    Click “Start a Course!”

6)    Click on course TITLE in the list :

           For Pre-assignment training, click:

PROTECTIVE AGENT-(12hr) Pre-assignment Training 201-204

PRIVATE DETECTIVE ONLY-(12hr) Training 301-304

          For Continuing training, click either:

PROTECTIVE AGENT-(6hr) Continuing Training 201/202

PROTECTIVE AGENT-(6hr) Continuing Training 203/204

PRIVATE DETECTIVE ONLY-(6hr) Training 301/302

PRIVATE DETECTIVE ONLY-(6hr) Training 302/303

PRIVATE SECTOR LIABILITY -(6hr) Continuing Training 752/852

USE OF FORCE-(6hr) Continuing Training 205/206, 305/306

7)    Watch Course Introduction video and Read the introductory text below it.

8)    Click the RED button “TAKE THIS COURSE” on the top of the page.

9)   After reading each Lesson, you must click the green button “TAKE QUIZ” on the bottom of the lesson.

10)   Take the Quiz. You must PASS in order to continue. If you fail, review your answers, and click “Restart Quiz” to take it over again.

11)   To Submit your Completed Quiz, click the green button “COMPLETE QUIZ”.

(To save your progress, if you wish to continue later, click the text “Save Progress”)

12)   Continue with each Lesson and Quiz until you complete the Course.

13)   Forward a copy of your “You have completed a course” email to your employer as Proof of Completion.

Additional information:

Each Lesson consists of reading material, a video, and a quiz.
As you complete each of the Lessons and Quizzes, we are automatically notified of your progress.
When you complete the Course, we are notified.
Charles T. Thibodeau and Associates will generate a physical paper Certificate of Completion.
The Certificate of Completion will be given to your employer who will distribute it to you at a later date.

Please take regular breaks.

If you have questions, please call or email us.
Chuck will answer course substance questions and Donna will answer training sign-up/login questions.

Since we are not employees of your company, any job related questions about hands-on training, job duties, hours, and pay, must be directed to your employer.

Chuck & Donna Thibodeau
Charles T. Thibodeau & Associates